A Note of Thanks


Dear Ottumwa,

Hello, we hope this finds you well and happy.  We are doing good.  Amazing, in fact.  And, in this time set aside for gratitude, we just wanted to say “Thank you” because you are the reason for us.

Though we have never lost sight of the fact you are our home we continue to be awestruck by how much you have given us.  You have worked with us, built with us, given us ideas and donations and support.  There seems to be no end to the amount of love and dedication you show us.

If memory serves you have been here for us since 1887.  You watched us begin and nurtured and prayed for us from day one.  You held our hand during those first, small steps and broke ground with us as we reached towards bigger goals.  You even helped us move four different times. (If that’s not real love, we don’t know what is.)  Our relationship is 132 years old, yet it still feels like a honeymoon.

Times haven’t always been smooth, that’s true.  We’ve faced some hard moments together.  But, even in our darkest hours, you have been there; standing with us and supporting us.  Your dedication to what we work towards is humbling, to say the least.

We are honored to be here, with you and for you.  And we are blessed by the energy and joy your children bring as they run, play and grow inside our walls.  We are proud to call Ottumwa our home, her citizens our tribe and her children our future.

So, from us to you…
A very warm Thanksgiving “Thank you”,
Your Ottumwa YMCA

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