Emergency Meal Program

The Ottumwa Family YMCA, in partnership with Bridge View Center, Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation, the Church of the Open Bible, the Bridge Church, Ottumwa Community Schools, and Cardinal Community Schools as well as many other community organizations has begun an emergency food distribution program for youth ages 2-18 as of Monday, March 23rd, 2020. This program will run through April 10th with the anticipated reopening of schools here in our local area. Through this concerted effort, packaged meals will be made available for pick-up twice a day Monday – Friday at designated locations. In the interest of public safety, distribution will be limited to 10 minutes at each site. Meals can only be provided to children who are present at pick-up. it is strongly encouraged all the food is consumed at home in an effort to observe social-distancing at this time. For parents with children without access to locations, a home delivery request is available by calling 641-684-6571 ex. 13 between 9:00 am & 4:00 pm. Ottumwa Community Schools, Cardinal Community Schools & The Bridge View Center have all made food/beverage donations to support this cause and also to minimize spoilage and waste due to school and event cancellations pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pick-Up Locations are as follows:

Meal Location:
Lunch Drive thru:            Dinner Drive thru:

Bridge View Center – Drive thru 
11:00-12:00                             5:00-6:00

Cardinal Pick-Up Locations & Times:
Cardinal High School main drive Sundays 1-3
Tuesdays 5-6
Eldon Central Park Tuesdays 5-530
Batavia Ball Field Tuesdays 5-530

Ottumwa School District
Super Snack Drop Off:             Dinner Drop Off:

Redwood Village Mobile Home Park             
10:40 am                               4:40 pm

Foster Park                                               
10:50 am                               4:50 pm

Evans Middle School                               
11:00 am                               5:00 pm

Ottumwa High School – 4th St.             
11:10 am                                5:10 pm

Douma Elementary                                 
11:20 am                               5:20 pm

Emerald Hill Apt.                                     
11:30 am                                5:30 pm

Valley Village Trailer Court                   
11:40 am                                5:40 pm

Stellar Woods Apt.                                   
11:50 am                                5:50 pm

Hillcrest Park                                           
12:10 pm                                6:10 pm

Washington Apt.                                     
12:30 pm                                6:30 pm

Taft Circle Apt.                                       
12:50 pm                                 6:50 pm

Horace Mann School                             
1:10 pm                                   7:10 pm

Home Delivery for qualifying children will be from 12:00-1:30pm and 6:00-7:30pm.
Please click the link HERE to apply for home delivery.

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