Corporate Membership

You invest a lot in your team…Why not get the best possible return? Studies show that health and fitness in the workplace is good for staff and employers. Employees who commit to fitness routines become healthier, happier and more productive. That’s why the Ottumwa YMCA’s Corporate Wellness Program is such a rewarding business decision. It helps your employees lead a more healthy and active lifestyle. The goal is to actively work with your company to improve the health and overall quality of life for your employees and the community.

 What is the YMCA Corporate Wellness Program?

oYMCA Membership Opportunities for employees and their families at a reduced rate
oOn-site Health Fairs and Health & Wellness Programs
oLunch and Learns
oOn-site Sample Group Exercise Classes
oPromotional and Educational materials to help you promote wellness and the YMCA within your company
oDesignated “Try the Y” Week
oGuest passes for employee recognition, incentive programs, out of town guests, etc.
oFitness Assessments
oCorporate Family Nights
oLeadership Opportunities

Why should my company participate?
An Employee Wellness Program is as good for your company as it is for your employees. Here are just a few potential benefits you can expect to see when you promote your employees active participation at the Y:

Benefits for your company:
oGreater productivity
oReduced Benefit costs
oIncreased concentration
oImproved workplace morale
oDecreased absenteeism
oLower turnover rates

Benefits for your employees:
oImproved quality of life and health
oAbility to cope with stress
oBetter morale and teamwork
oNetworking opportunities

To start your Corporate Wellness Program today contact:
Kathy Sisler, Health/Member Services Director
(641)684-6571 x26