Babble Island
This room is for infants age 4 weeks through 18 months. Our infant and toddler programs are designed to meet the growing needs of your child by incorporating developmentally age appropriate activities into their daily care. Our adult-to-child ratio for infants and toddlers is kept lower that the state licensing regulations allowing for more individualized care.

Possibility Peaks

This class works on eating at the table, drinking from a cup and socialization. For those ready to be potty trained, this is also touched upon.


This room works on socialization along with sitting for a short period of time. We continue to work on potty training.

Dream City & Journey Junction

These rooms concentrate on hands-on learning along with sitting for longer periods of time. Creative activities and field trips keep this classroom busy as their social interaction increases.


For scheduling and pricing call Teresa, Discovery Lane Director at 641-684-6571 ext. 15